Having worked with organisations for over 35 years I know how challenging it can be to run a business. It takes courage, dedication, intelligence, perseverance, clarity and conviction. Yet none of these wonderful leadership traits are a match for a misaligned company culture. Let me share with you my extensive knowledge and experience of aligning and leading culture to perform at the highest levels.

I have a degree in anthropology (the scientific study of human beings as curators of culture). Which is a fancy way of saying I am a culture subject matter expert. But perhaps of even greater benefit to you is the fact that that I have personally overseen or supported over 300 company culture transformations in countries all around the world in many different sectors, so I can bring real life awareness tips and insights to your culture transformation journey.

A key part of my approach is teaching your business how to understand and work with culture. My method is to educate your business to become the experts in your culture! If you are serious about creating a high performance culture for your business, contact me now, we have no time to waste. Culture change takes time and know how. The sooner we get started the quicker we get you positive culture change and performance results.



Michael was born in the UK, raised in Africa, educated in New Zealand and works internationally. He is an award winning author of multiple books on organisation culture, organisational values and leading business culture.

Michael also knows first hand what its like to experience culture change having guided three culture changes in his own business practice in the past 20 years. He can empathise with the conflicting emotions, of doubt and the excitement of possibility that culture change triggers for people.

He was the resident anthropologist at Thought Leaders Business School for five years. Michael speaks regularly at conferences on culture and leading culture. He is married with three children and with his wife is the besotted owner of two soft coated wheaten terrier dogs.


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