What is Tuned In Mentoring;

Tuned In mentoring has been developed to support people who, for whatever reason are looking for a deeper experience of themselves and life. 

The mentoring approach is drawn from Michaels and his wife Shar, 30 years of study and research, practice and embodiment of metaphysics, as a means of deepening the human experience to access deeper meaning and peace in life.  

The essence of Tuned In Mentoring, is centred on the recognition that your own innate wisdom, once accessed, will provide every insight you will ever need, to align your life completely. 

Tuned In Mentoring is a facilitated, deliberate and deeper conversation with Michael, to support you to tune into your own innate wisdom. 


The benefits of being Tuned In are numerous  and include;

  • Significantly increased self-awareness.
  • A deep sense of self and presence, providing a calm and centred experience of being you.
  • Clarity and confidence, providing enhancing decision making and wellbeing.
  • Increased focus and attention.
  • A deeper sense of gratitude for life in general and an increased willingness to serve others.
  • Enormous increase in your levels of empathy and compassion for yourself and others. 
  • A deep sense of meaning in life that enables the ability to rise above all day to obstacles. 


Tuned In Mentoring  approach incorporates, but is not restricted to, using a variety of principles and pathways such as;

  • The three principles of human experience and how they provide access to insights.
  • Self and System awareness, as a navigational awareness to accountability.
  • Personal values alignment, as a source of perspective and personal thought inventory.
  • Emergence, as a wisdom pattern, road map and compass.
  • Letting Go as an enlightening ability.
  • Contemplation and gratitude as presence.
  • Consciousness as the context of all meaning.


Tuned In Mentoring is not about achieving, but becoming. Specifically, it is not;

  • Professional coaching, it doesn't place an emphasis on setting goals to achieve more in your outer world.
  • Therapy. It does not provide a setting or framework for healing psychological issues.
  • Professional development; It does not focus on building your work capabilities to advance your career. 


How does Tuned In Mentoring work?

Using a combination of in-person conversations, values clarification, online meetings, reading and reflection, contemplation, and journal writing, the Tuned In approach will be customised to meet your lifestyle and time availability. 

Its duration is up to you, however, we recommend at least six months to allow the initial learnings and insights to become effective in your life.