A 12 month leadership program as a stand alone program or to complement and run in conjunction with the HIGH PERFROMANCE CULTURING PROGRAM; Curating culture as a strategic asset.

Delivered in live workshops and/ or webinars and supported by an online blended learning platform. This program teaches leaders what culture is what culture does and how to see and lead your culture. Specifically it covers the four areas that are required to be understood and embodied by leaders to be a Leader Worth Following;


 PERSPECTIVE - LEARN TO SEE CULTURE (You can't lead and inspire a culture if you can't see it)

Understand the unique view your personal values play in influencing how you lead culture. Understand and learn how others do not necessarily hold the same perspective of culture that you do which influences where they see your leadership of culture from. How does other peoples perspective of culture influence how you think about communicate and lead culture.


 PERFORMANCE - LEARN TO ALIGN CULTURE (Culture delivers performance. Strategy only directs performance. Leaders must learn how to align culture to strategy.)

The First mandate of business leadership is to inspire performance. To do so requires a leader to understand how culture delivers performance and make a culture lift or lower performance levels.

 POSITIONING - LEARN TO COMMUNICATE CULTURE (All messages to the business must be understood as cultural message first.)

Because 95% of leaders don’t know how to see or even understand culture much of their formal and informal business communication is ineffective. If leaders aren’t communicating to the culture they are largely only communicating to themselves at worst and business process and systems at best. Effective culture leadership positions all its messages to the culture to influence changes in performance.


So much of leading a culture is achieved though non verbal communication and posture. Learn all you need to know to adjust your own non verbal communication to influence the cultures you lead.

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