As a seasoned keynote speaker, Michael specialises in unlocking the potential of organisational culture. With workshops like "Chiefing Your Tribe" and "Above the Line," he empowers leaders to cultivate thriving environments where teams excel. Dive into Michael's captivating show reel below and discover how he can transform your organization's culture for the better.



Michael's Keynotes

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BANI, Ready or not?

Whilst many companies have planned for and adapted to VUCA, most are completely unprepared for BANI.

Chiefing Your Tribe

Culture influences performance 8 times more than strategy - all business leaders should learn how to lead company culture.

Above The Line Company Culture

Why all the best company cultures in the world operate ‘Above The Line’ and how to get there.


The metaphysics of high performance culture. For senior leaders who want to take a leap in their professional and personal development.