Culture influences employees' performance eight times more than strategy, meaning: all business leaders must learn how to lead company culture.



What is Chiefing Your Tribe?

Nearly all business leaders have learnt how to lead a business. They have amassed years of experience, attended leadership development programs completed an MBA, been mentored by great leaders and have read every new book on 'how to become a better leader'. Chiefing Your Tribe is about learning an additional leadership awareness: how to lead company culture. Why? Because culture is the most influential aspect of employee performance. Staggeringly less than 8% of leaders know or have learnt how to lead a culture! There is enormous untapped potential to increase people's performance, if only the leaders knew what culture is, what it delivers, and how to direct it.



What will you learn?

  • What culture is and what it does
  • How to be present as leader on a daily basis to effectively inspire and influence the cultures you lead
  • The two leadership characteristics that influence culture the most, and which of these is your strength
  • How to lead a high bid workplace culture


What problems can be addressed?

  • High staff turnover
  • Misaligned culture that slows performance and delays results
  • Low mental well being high stress and burnout of staff
  • Perceived power hierarchy and subsequent resentment and withholding of discretionary effort



Suitable for:

  • Leaders at all levels of organisations



Participants’ comments:

"A very different take on leadership and one that will make a significant difference to my international leadership and how I turn up every day."

"Chiefing Your Tribe" offered deep insights, drawn from anthropology, about how leaders can inspire and influence their company culture for better performance and employee experience."

"I was sceptical about the value this keynote would offer. I stand corrected. This is the best leadership keynote I've ever heard. It offers a unique, powerful, inspiring and memorable take on what leadership actually is, how to be a leader of culture, and truly make a difference. Loved it!"



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