Whilst many companies have planned for and adapted to VUCA, most are completely unprepared for BANI.



What is BANI?

BANI is a new acronym developed by a futurist and anthropologist to provide organisations and governments with an updated concept to replace the VUCA concept. It stands for Brittle | Anxious | Complex | Incomprehensible. In this powerful, confronting, timely and urgently needed keynote, I guide you through the transition from VUCA to BANI and explain how BANI is probably already having a dramatic and negative impact on your business. I will show you how to think about all four aspects of BANI in an optimistic and pragmatic way.



What will you learn?

  • What BANI does to your business
  • How to BANI-proof your business and how BANI can be used as a competitive advantage if you act promptly
  • How BANI is a company culture response to 20 years of living with VUCA and what this means for your business performance
  • How to target specific initiatives to take full advantage of the BANI opportunity



What problems can be addressed?

  • Underperforming business and culture structures that are limiting business performance
  • Ineffective predictions for strategic and marketing planning
  • Mental wellbeing, stress, and burnout of staff
  • Using outdated ways of thinking to address current and future conditions



Suitable for:

  • Business leaders at all levels
  • Board members
  • Strategic planners
  • People and Culture and senior HR professionals



Participants’ comments:

"This is a must hear keynote for every leader in business! Explained why we are experiencing, what we are and how to fix it. Powerful stuff."

"Every leader needs to hear this. Not understanding B.A.N.I as Michael says is a hugerisk to your business."



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