Why all the best company cultures in the world operate 'Above The Line', and how to get there.



What is Above the Line?

Above the Line is a commonly used and understood concept that most organisations have heard of or even embraced. What is exciting about this keynote is that Michael explains it though an anthropology lens. 'Above the Line' is fundamentally about shaping employees' understanding and expression of culture, and learning deep anthropology insights about what a culture requires to rise - and stay - above the line. Listen as Michael unpacks the hidden aspects behind his unique approach to using the Above the Line process to boost performance, lift staff engagement, retain staff, increase productivity and performance, and enhance customer experience.



What will you learn?

  • What is Above the Line?
  • What does the "line" represent and why this is vital to understand in order to rise and stay above the line?
  • Why above and below are not opposites, and why this understanding matters to rising even higher above the line
  • The three most important steps to incorporate into your Above the Line approach to guarantee its success



What problems can be addressed?

  • Underperforming people performance
  • High stress levels inducing blame, excuses and denial
  • Mental wellbeing, stress and burnout of staff
  • High staff turnover and an inability to attract and retain talent
  • Repetitive communication falling on deaf ears
  • Silo mentality and inter department frictions



Suitable for:

  • Business leaders at all levels.
  • All employees
  • People and Culture and senior HR professionals



Participants’ comments:

"We had already done our own version of Above the Line, but Michael's approach is next level, and showed us all there is so much more to elevating culture than we had appreciated, and how we can now do this for ourselves!"

"Learning the continuum that sits behind the linear Above and Below the Line was mind-blowing. This understanding of Above The Line enabled us

to take 30 million dollars of costs out of the business in the last 12 months."



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