Is Your Culture Too Complex?

A client on my Thought Leadership Development Program introduced me to a quote by Ajay Royan, cofounder and investor in Mithril Capital Management in the U.S. The quote was “We hit our complexity budget before we reach our ability to operate at our peak”

Now I’m not a investor or venture capitalist but the quote triggered me to think that a similar concept would apply to culture.

Do You Really Love Your Customers?

I was waiting at a business’s service counter recently and noticed, on the wall behind the counter, there was a sign proclaiming the company’s commitment to their customers. Specifically it mentioned how the company ‘Loved’ and ‘Cared’ for its customers. The reality of the service I experienced suggested differently.

Many organisations talk about loving and really caring for their customers. But of course organisations can’t love or care for customers,

Rituals & High Performance

Is your business paying attention to rituals in the workplace culture?

A Harvard Business Review website blog by Heidi Grant Halvorson, associate director for the Motivation Science Center at the Columbia University Business School, says:
‘Rituals in the workplace can reinforce the behaviours we want, create focus and a sense of belonging, and make change stick.’…